john wood02The History Makers of Bath outdoor exhibition is a major innovative exhibition celebrating the great men and women of the city. 

The exhibition will comprise 30 large and colourful display panels. These will display a series of creative and inspiring images, together with information relating to famous or infamous characters of Bath.

Each history maker has made a lasting impression on Bath and its surroundings. Exhibition images will feature their phenomenal legacies and link visitors to Bath’s multitude of museums, art galleries, architecture and more.


John Wood panel

exhibition plan

Our Objective

Showcase Bath’s valuable legacies and link them to the present day and beyond

Create a signposted treasure trail to local heritage sites and cultural centres to connect the exhibition to the community and local businesses

Generate a sense of belonging and pride in the city for Bath residents, young and old

Highlight Bath as a centre of culture, sport and innovation: a vibrant city in which to live, work and play

Attract visitors to the city – a high quality destination attraction

Encourage a desire to explore and learn more about our World Heritage City

Educate, enlighten & inspire!


The exhibition is supporting the Forever Friends Appeal to help create a pioneering new Cancer Centre at the Royal United Hospital.